Inuyasha and Kagome – Reflection on the Power of Love

July 21, 2012 in by dhillazhah

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    Summer 2012 Informative Essay Contest Entry 
    “Inuyasha and Kagome – Reflection on the Power of Love
    By Hafizhah Fadhilla, Prospective JET

    Inuyasha and Kagome 1

    "Their love ... reflects how strong the power of love is."

    Everybody knows Romeo and Juliet. Even though the language is old, Romeo and Juliet are still popular even these days.  There are also some popular anime couples. Kenshin and Kaoru from Samurai X, Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Shinichi and Ran Mouri from Detective Conan are some examples. Yet, the best anime couple is Inuyasha and Kagome. They are the cutest couple ever. Their love from the beginning until the end of the story reflects how strong the power of love is.

    Kagome was a high school student who lived in Japan’s modern era, while Inuyasha was a half-demon dog who lived in the Feudal Era. They lived in different parts of the world, but their worlds were connected by the Bone Eater’s well. That well helped Kagome to go back through time to meet Inuyasha and vice versa. Both of them had to take great risks just to meet each other. But these risks did not prevent them from seeing each other. Both of them were traveling from one country to another just to collect the shatters of the Shikon Jewel. Yet, the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome grows stronger throughout the series.


    "All that she wants is for Inuyasha to be happy..."

    Inuyasha was Kagome’s first love. Unfortunately, Kagome had to face the truth of Inuyasha still being in love with Kikyo. In spite of being hurt, she refused to leave Inuyasha’s side. All that she wants is for Inuyasha to be happy, although it means that her heart will be pained. She even caught Inuyasha with Kikyo several times and it hurt her a lot. But, as time went by, Inuyasha started to love Kagome. At first, Inuyasha loved Kagome because she looked like Kikyo a lot. Then, Inuyasha found out that they have different personalities. Kagome’s personality influenced Inuyasha to be better. Kagome taught Inuyasha to smile and believe in other people, and understand true strength and kindness. Just being on Kagome’s side makes Inuyasha feel comfortable. Therefore, he puts himself in danger just to protect Kagome, just as Kagome does for him.

    In the final act, Inuyasha and Kagome succeed in collecting the shatters of the Shikon Jewel and defeat Naraku. Yet, after the Shikon Jewel disappeared, and Kagome returns home, the Bone Eater’s well could not connect their worlds anymore. After three years, because of their strong desire to be see each other again,the power of the well finally returned. Kagome’s mother gave her blessing to her daughter to let her live with Inuyasha. Finally, Inuyasha and Kagome are able to meet each other after three years of waiting, and they lived happily ever after together

    Inuyasha and Kagome 2

    "...the story ... reflects that love can do many things."

    In summary, the story about Inuyasha and Kagome reflects that love can do many things. It also shows love knows no boundaries. The story portrays that no one knows what God has planned for us. No one knows how and when you will find your soul mate. So, when you find your love, you have to be grateful and take advantage of the opportunity, for the most precious thing in the world is to live with love from people that love you.


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